Id Paris, history of fans

1976: foundation of CHIMIE SAV, manufacturer of wood cleaning and restoration products for antique dealers and furniture dealers.
1982: creation of LES ANCIENS ÉBÉNISTES brand distributed in DIY stores.
1994: LES DÉCORATIVES brand dedicated to decorating was launched: special effect paint, first repositionable adhesive stencils.
2014: company taken over by the OCEINDE group.
2016: LES DÉCORATIVES undergo a transformation and become ID.

Id#Creative revolution!

CREATIVE REVOLUTION: ID gives you the power to produce your own creative revolution: Change your interior and make this unique place your OWN! An audacious elegant and impertinent décor. There are no limits to your desires: Walls, ceilings, woodwork, furniture, floors, tiles… Everything can be painted.
Art of living, fashion and cultural heritage are an endless source of inspiration, the alchemy of the good life in France!
Be French: Proud of its inspiring and creative French origins, ID exports it collections to more than 20 countries.

Know how and expertise

The ID Group develops its own brands, as well as manufacturing retailer own-brands and subcontracting in a variety of areas: paints, cabinetmaking products and technical products.
Designers and chemical engineers work together to develop easy-to-use, aesthetic and functional products.
In SABLE D’ÉTÉ, ID’s latest revolution, up to 80% of the formaldehydes have been eliminated, thus REDUCING INDOOR AIR POLLUTION. This sandy matt paint with a natural finish is ideal for living rooms and bedrooms.

CSR commitment

The ID Group is a corporate citizen with an adapted solution to its customers’ needs. Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, the integrated management system is based on three fundamentals:
Innovation: quality high-performance products with a low environmental impact, that respect the regulations.
Competitiveness of the industrial tool, thanks to sustained investments and staff training within the scope of continuous improvement.
Internationalisation, with long-lasting, solid partnerships with customers and suppliers.