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Find the paints that have an effect on you


Matt, pearl, glitter, metallic… With so many to choose from, and each as appealing as the next, how do you make the right choice of special-effect paint?

Id will tell you how.

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Looking for a cosy yet sober atmosphere? Matt paint will bring warmth to your room. Ideal for a bedroom or a cosy living-room, it creates natural contrasts with other smoother or shinier materials.

And cosiness also means discretion… Matt paint tends to muffle sound compared with satin paint.

Interested? Then we recommend the Id AUTHENTIC range and its variety of colours: pebble, madder, driftwood, bark, string.

Id & Advice: As well as the effect it produces, you can also use it to hide defects on uneven surfaces for a perfect finish!



There’s nothing more pleasant than an environment that adapts to the different times of the day. If your room is well lit, a pearl paint can turn out to be magical! It delicately reflects the light, creating a soft and beautiful atmosphere. The range of pastel tones on the colour chart are ideal for little princesses’ or babies’ bedrooms.

Id & Advice: Add a nostalgic touch to the pearl effect with retro chic accessories, like a beautiful vintage mirror, or materials such as marble or brass.

To obtain this effect, we recommend the Id PERLE DE NACRE range which is also highly water resistant, meaning you can use it in your bathroom too! You can also go for the natural, zen version and combine it with raw materials to give them a soft edge and put them in the spotlight.



As the word indicates, living-rooms are designed for living in! So why not make that clear from the start. For your corridors or living-rooms, Id offers two more or less concentrated glitter finishes.

Id PAILLETT’ is an ultra matt paint with a fine sprinkling of glitter that shines in the light. Preferably use in corridors or living-rooms for a warm atmosphere with a discreet and refined touch.

Id ÉLÉGANCE is the ultimate combination: pearls and glitter! It contains far more glitter and can be used in any room. It brings light and sophistication to walls and woodwork.

Id & Advice: Combine your glitter paint with a smoother one, preferably matt, on one wall, in order to obtain a result rich in contrast and texture.



Are you looking for a loft-type industrial look? The Id PUR MÉTAL range of paint looks marvellous on well-lit surfaces. For a great interior, we recommend balancing raw materials, such as concrete, with more natural materials like wood.

Id & Advice: Use it in opposition with matt paint for a striking contrast.

To use metallic paint, the surface has to be in perfect condition, but the majority of you do-it-yourselfers won’t stop there, because you can also use it to customise furniture or woodwork!


Matt, pearl, glitter, or metallic… the paint that will have an effect on you.
Test and use without moderation!