SPONGE for decorative effects

SPONGE for decorative effects

SPONGE for decorative effects is a cellulose sponge to be used to create a two tones effect with paint for furniture Charme for instance to realise a sponged effect with Glaze Velatura or to apply decorative wax on wall coating.
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      How to use and apply?


      WALL WAX : Soak it with paint and apply on the wall according to your desires.
      We advise you to make a try on a piece of cardboard to find your movement. It is also better to have the whole application realised by one single person to get an even result.

      TWO TONE EFFECT (Charme) : Leave to dry the first colour of Charme for ±2h and cover the surface with a second colour.
      Leave to dry ±10 min, then rub the surface irregularly with your damp sponge so that the first colour shows through in places.

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      • Cleaning with water