Primer ALGO 500ml
Algo – Mer
Primer ALGO 500ml: a high quality finish begins with a good preparation of the surface!

Primer ALGO 500ml is an algae-based and alkyd resin-based primer in aqueous phase to well prepare your surfaces prior to the application of Paint ALGO.

To be used on Wall • Panelling • Ceiling • Radiator

Also available in 2L can.


Algae-based, High covering capacity


Ceiling, Radiator, Wall, Woodwork

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      How to use and apply?

      Your surface must be clean, sound and dry. Fill in cracks and holes with the appropriate filling plaster then sand.

      • on new surfaces: remove dust and apply Primer Algo.
      • On already painted surfaces in good condition: wash and rinse. Slightly sand the surface using a medium grain sandpaper so as to improve the adhesion of the paint, then remove dust.  Apply Primer Algo.
      • On damaged painted surfaces: slightly sand or remove the damaged surface with a spatula. Apply an appropriate coating or putty according to your surface. Apply Primer Algo.


      … Allow to dry then apply Paint Algo colour of your choice!

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      Plasterboard tapes and fiberglass must be dry for ±4 days before the application of Primer Algo.

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      • Roller

      • Coverable

      • Cleaning with water

      • Drying

      • Surface