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Perle de nacre – AventurineAmbiance peinture Id-ParisAmbiance peinture Id-Paris


Paint PERLE DE NACRE is a fine pearly paint that will make your walls shine with delicate gleams.

Paint PERLE DE NACRE is available in 8 colours: Topaz, Aventurine, Amethyst, Garnet red, Tourmaline, Selenite, Pearl, Diamond.

To be applied using a Spatula or a Stainless steel float.

Can 2L




Wall, Woodwork

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      How to use and apply?


      Apply one or two coats of Primer before paint according to your surface.



      1. Apply 2 thin coats of Perle de nacre using a flocked foam roller.
      2. Leave to dry 2h between coats. On light colours such as Diamond and Pearl one coat will be enough.
      3. Apply a last coat with Spatula or the Stainless steel float .
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      Highly resistant paint, Perle de nacre is ideal in a bathroom with a soft and sophisticate atmosphere.

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      • Roller

      • Spatula

      • Drying

      • Cleaning with water

      • Surface