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Paint LOFT ORIGINAL is a thick paint that provides a graphic concrete effect by superimposition of 2 colours.

Thanks to its ease of use Paint LOFT ORIGINAL can be applied on wall, floor, worktop and in bathrooms including italian walk-in shower.

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Easy to achieve, Multi supports


Floor, Shower, Wall, Worktop

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      How to use and apply?




      Apply the appropriate primer according to your surface: Primer before coating, Primer Loft for concrete and tiled floors or Primer Loft for worktops and wall tiles.



      1. Select the two Loft original colours you want to combine.

      2. Apply a coat of the darkest colour with the Spatula.

      3. Leave to dry ±4h.

      4. Apply a second coat by alternating the two colours, painting vertical strips so that the two colours blend into each other.

      5. Not waiting for the paint to dry, immediately smooth your wet surface with the Spatula from top to bottom.



      Apply the correct protector for your surface: Protector Loft for floors, showers and worktops, Protector Loft waxed or Protector Loft matt.


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      Ease of use: If you are not satisfied with the final result or if you find an area is too light or too dark you can put some more paint as many times you like using one or the other colour until you get your expected result – while the product is still wet.

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      • Spatula

      • Drying

      • Coverable

      • Cleaning with water

      • Surface