Paint for furniture PAILLETT

Paint for furniture PAILLETT

Paint for furniture PAILLETT gives your furniture, objects and woodwork an original refined appearance.

Paint for furniture PAILLETT is available in 6 colours: Nickel, Silver, Lead, Cooper, Gold.

Can 500ml.


Easy to achieve, Multi supports


Furniture, Object, Woodwork

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      How to use and apply?


      Apply the appropriate primer according to your surface: Stain-blocking primer or Special surface primer.



      1. Apply a first coat of Paillett’ with a Spalter.
      2. Leave to dry ±2h.
      3. Apply a second coat if necessary.
      id & advice

      Use Paillett’ directly on clean and dry unfinished wood, painted wood or varnished wood. But we advise you to apply the Stain-blocking primer before applying light colours such as Nickel, to obtain a more luminous effect.

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      • Roller

      • Drying

      • Cleaning with water

      • Surface