Ambiance Estompe Bleu-GrisAmbiance Estompe Sauge + Peau de pêcheAmbiance Estompe Gris+ Rose glamourAmbiance Estompe Jonquille + Marbre blancAmbiance Estompe Marbre blanc + Peau de pêcheAmbiance Estompe Marbre blanc + Sauge
Paint ESTOMPE 2L is a matt tie-dye effect paint.

Once the reserve of decorators only, now everyone can achieve the ombre effect thanks to easy-to-use paint ESTOMPE 2L.

8 colours to realize combinations of your choice !

Also available in 1L can.


Easy to achieve, Mono layer


Wall, Woodwork

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      How to use and apply?


      Prepare the surface properly first – The surface must be sound, clean and dry.
      Apply the adequate primer: Primer before coating, or, when on tannic wood, Stain-blocking primer.



      1. Mark the area where you want the colours to blend with a strip of masking tape, making sure that it is put on straight. The blended area may be in the middle of the wall, towards the top or towards the bottom.
      2. Colour for the upper part: Apply a generous coat of your chosen Estompe colour with the Spalter using criss-cross strokes. Stop ±15 cm above the strip of masking tape.
      3. Colour for the lower part: Apply a generous coat of the colour for the bottom of your wall with another spalter using criss-cross strokes, starting ±15 cm below the strip of masking tape.
      4. How to achieve the blended effect: Remove the strip of masking tape. Work in 1 m sections. Apply a generous coat of the colour from the top part, with the spalter, using criss-cross strokes. Then, immediately apply the colour from the bottom part, ensuring they overlap. The blended effect is achieved through this wet-on-wet application. Work with the spalter until the two colours blend into each other.



      If you want to obtain a washable finish, apply the colourless Protector.

      id & advice

      Wait until the paint is completely dry to see if you have achieved the desired effect. If you are not satisfied with the ombre effect, you can modify it by reapplying one or other of the colours. Apply the Estompe colour of your choice to the other walls in the room to highlight the tie-dye wall.

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      • Spalter

      • Drying

      • Cleaning with water

      • Surface