Peinture Elégance Id-paris - Paint ELEGANCE
Elegance – DiamantineElégance Chambray et LaméElegance – FlanelleElegance – LameAmbiance peinture Id-Paris
Paint ELEGANCE is a velvet touch paint spangled with small glitters that will cover your walls and panelling with finesse and sophistication.

Paint ELEGANCE is available in 6 luxurious colours : Astrakhan, Diamantine, Flanelle, Lamé, Damas and Chambray.

You can cover ±12m² with one can of 2 litres.


Velvet effect, Washable


Wall, Woodwork

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      How to use and apply?


      Apply a coat of Primer before paint.



      1. Apply a thin first layer of Élégance with a Spalter.

      2. Leave to dry ±4h.

      3. Apply a second coat.

      id & advice

      Under light colours such as Diamantine, we advise you to apply two coats of Primer before paint to get an even white surface.

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      • Spalter

      • Drying

      • Cleaning with water

      • Surface