Paint ALGO deco 2L
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Paint ALGO deco 2L

Paint ALGO deco 2L is an European ecolabel certified algae-based paint, with high covering power and washable.

Paint ALGO deco 2L is available in 12 colours + 2 white.

As a “Breton” production, Algo has been innovative by substituting local renewable resources: the ALGAE for fossil energies.

Thanks to business cooperation and regional researches centres, we incorporated others natural resources such as kaolin and vegetable resin making thus Algo an innovative and local production eco-paint, no harmfulness for end-users environment.

Also available in 500ml can.


Algae-based, High covering capacity


Ceiling, Radiator, Wall, Woodwork

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      How to use and apply?


      Apply a coat of Primer Algo.


      To get a perfectly smooth result, dilute the paint up to 5%. Stir well before use.

      1. Apply paint Algo using a paint brush or an acrylic paint roller.
        Cross the coats, applying first from top to bottom, then from left to right. Finish by smoothing from top to bottom.
      2. Allow to dry ±12h.
      3. It might be necessary to apply another coat on very dark surfaces (after complete dry) as well as for very bright colours.
      id & advice

      Apply at a temperature between 12 and 25°C. Do not try to smooth the paint or put some more while it dries. Do not stop the application in the middle of a wall.

      On wooden surfaces, always apply in the grain direction.

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      • Roller

      • Cleaning with water

      • Drying

      • Surface