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Les Décoratives get a makeover and become Id



Bye-bye Les Décoratives… Long live Id!

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Today, with a large range of solutions from floor to ceiling, the Les Décoratives brand is more than just about decorating, it’s a true means of expression. The tool is of secondary importance. From now on, the main thing is you, your creativity, your personality, your ideas.



Our French cultural heritage has given us strong values such as freedom of speech, irreverence and audacity.

Proud of this heritage, Id invites you to take back control of your interior and make it a unique place that is all about you.

Your territory? Walls, woodwork, furniture, floors, tiling, etc.

Your allies? Paintbrushes, stencils, stamps, paint, etc.

Your secret weapon? Unique products such as SABLE D’ÉTÉ : Id’s latest revolution, it helps reduce interior air pollution with 80 % less formaldehydes. With its natural matt sand look, it’s ideal for living-rooms and bedrooms.


Don’t lose another moment, now is the time to let your ideas out and establish a new art of living: yours!